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Closure Bags

Plastic MailersWe classify all bags or pouches affixed with an adhesive bearing lip extension for closing the open end of this products grouping as "Closures". Generally speaking these are characterized as:

Plastic Mailers

Poly mailers shipping mailers white or colored privacy coex plastic mailers

Plastic mailers and security closures have found their mark in industry because of inherent strength, moisture proofness, durability and limited tamper resistance. They are the most affordable alternative available to paper or nonwoven (Tyvek®) envelopes. The major markets we service with this product are fulfillment houses, couriers, cash handling, deposit bags and a vast array of other applications.

Tufpak uses its administration skills in managing fast, efficient "turn around" (on any accepted size orders for most envelope dimensions) for a uniquely produced mailer. Tufpak mailers are produced, printed with your message, be it identification or promotional. As in merchandise bags, printing is available with up to 6 colors.

Today's plastic films and sealing techniques allow the production of stronger, water resistant, more secure and versatile products than glued paper mailers.

Poly Mailers are essentially a lay-flat pouch, typically inherent white or colored film for privacy, with an extended lip on one surface to which is affixed a pressure sensitive adhesive, protected by a strippable release film. This release film is removed and discarded before closure.

Sealable Pouches

Plastic PouchesPlastic pouches — Security pouches — Document pouches — Tamper-evident pouches — Permanent seals

Plastic pouches are commonly used as containers for securing Money (checks, bills and coins), Casino dice / playing cards, Law Enforcement chain of Evidence preservation, Securities, Legal Filings, water proofing of paper files and many other examples.

Again, as in Mailers, easy to use pressure sensitive adhesive is used as the closure. In the case of these pouches the adhesive can result in a permanently sealed pouch or one that is openable and resealable.
  • As a point of understanding, currency handled by the Federal Reserve is now first strapped and then put in such a pouch. These pouches are imprinted with all information required for security and tracing reasons. Tufpak imprints sequential numbers on each pouch so as to give that strap of bills its own unique identification.

  • Banks supply their depositors appropriately printed pouches to allow night deposits.

  • Retailers require their managers to use specially designed pouches to hold cash, checks and receipts for control and subsequent transfer to the collection point.
In some of these Plastic pouch examples already in wide use, they have replaced expensive and hard to repair cloth bags.

Coin Bags

Coin bags Money bags Token bags Casino bags

Banks and especially the Gambling Casino Industry have used cloth bags to contain and transport coins and tokens. These cloth bags are expensive, requiring a need for continuous re-use, which entails additional repair expense. Now, newly developed strong films are more preferable and result in specially designed "throw away" plastic pouches.

Tufpak is presently supplying many users with such pouches.

Tufpak engineered a polymeric carrier bag, now a standard for coins, which in addition to having a closure system as in money pouches also includes a handle that can withstand carrying $1000 in quarters.
Specimen Bags
Medical specimen bags – Biological specimen bags – Diagnostic transport bags

Adhesive closure plastic pouches are the preferred vehicle of Specimen Bags for storing and transporting biological, medical diagnostic samples and assay kits (may include a document pouch for specimen paperwork, sequential numbering and a tear-off receipt for tracking). These products are varied in design and functional need but universally employed by laboratories and diagnostic facilities. As an example for use:
  • Drug screening by licensed medical facilities for employers may require sampling, storing and transporting physical samples to a diagnostic facility. This requires preservation of samples together with traceability of paperwork.
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