About Us

About Us

Tufpak, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and stock plastic film and bag products since 1976, for sale to businesses and government agencies. We utilize thin film, flexible web, converting processes. We are a privately held small business with all of our manufacturing and production done in our New Hampshire, USA facility. We provide best in class products and services to our customers. We are viewed by our customers as a dedicated, reliable partner because we help get their business done. Our Quality System implements a foundation of concepts utilizing a Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement. We are knowledgeable, creative, flexible and resourceful experts within the embodiment of our experiences.

Here at Tufpak, we manufacture a variety of specialty plastic film and bag products.  We extrude proprietary polypropylene (PP) films which offer physical properties that are unmatched by typical blown film producers and converters.  Our SUPROP® PP film offers high temperature resistance, enhanced strength and sealability, as well as chemical resistance.

We are the original and marketplace leader in the Autoclavable Biohazard Bag market for over 40 years, manufacturing Tufpak’s own brand and private label products for the industry’s most reputable and quality conscious laboratory/healthcare distributors.

We work very closely with small to mid-sized companies as well, and welcome contractual arrangements dealing in all-important proprietary information and confidentiality areas. We will assist in engineering specialty products or follow protocols and engineered schematics and designs in our converting process, where possible.

Our bags and films have been tested and used in a wide spectrum of markets, including:

  • Medical Device Packaging (Internal individual component sealant layer for sealing to uncoated Tyvek and external protective packaging). Products can be made to withstand ionizing radiation, ETO gas, steam sterilization or other.
  • Breathable bags for creating and isolating a sterile environment for needs in Life sciences. Products can be made to withstand ionizing radiation, ETO gas, steam sterilization or other.
  • Autoclavable Biohazard Bags
  • Bio-pharmaceutical Aseptic sampling bags with fitments
  • Hot Fill Containment Applications / Drum Liners
  • Functional Agricultural Packaging
  • Dust Covers for medical devices and appliances
  • Alternative for High Temp. PVC Replacement Films
  • Specialty Military packaging applications
  • Various specialty Laminations (where non-commodity volume allows)
  • Closure Bags / Envelopes / Specimen Bags
  • Merchandise Bags

Customization and Flexibility are our strengths, and we hope to have the opportunity to assist you with your next project.  We can provide custom flexographic printing for up to six colors.  SUPROP® polypropylene products can be enhanced to withstand ionizing radiation sterilization, along with most other sterilization methods.

Our company has had strong relationships with the medical and laboratory community for over 40 years, and we hope to add you to the list of satisfied customers!

Tufpak would be pleased to discuss your specific product application needs. Use this Contact Us e-mail hotlink or phone numbers listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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