Specialty Films

Specialty Films

Unique Film Extrusion
In order to meet the most stringent physical property demands necessitated for autoclavable biohazard bags, unusual film strength was needed. Tufpak recognized that conventional film extrusion techniques could not accomplish these requirements.

After many trials of various resin blends and understanding that when these formulations were applied to conventional extrusion processes, it produced films with inconsistent crystalline structure manifesting into sometimes below specification substrates. Ultimately a solution was achieved, requiring Tufpak’s in-house controlled extrusion of polypropylene film.

Now the unique properties derived from our unconventional film extrusion process, utilizing rapid quenching (cooling) of the molten polymer combined with the correct resin formulation has allowed SUPROP® polypropylene film products to flourish. The resulting, more ordered, molecular crystalline structure, allowed the development of these novel films and have opened new doors to many other markets, such as:

  • Flexible chemical transfer hoses
  • Chemical tank liners
  • Aseptic sampling containers
  • OEM medical device pouches
  • Clinical & Scientific equipment dustcovers
  • Hot liquid drum liners
  • MRE heater containment pouches
  • Mushroom spawning bags

Tufpak’s SUPROP® polypropylene film is captively consumed for our own well known superior bag products and direct sale markets. Tufpak additionally supports and encourages its use in specialty film development and other market needs.

Tufpak would be pleased to discuss your specific product application needs. Use this Contact Us e-mail hotlink or phone numbers listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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